About Us.

I'm a biochemistry student at Nottingham who loves all things grungy and bohemian.

 I've always loved fashion and jewellery but without a job I couldn't afford to own all the beautiful jewellery my heart desired. In December 2014 I asked my Dad for some money so I could start up a little handmade jewellery shop. 

You can check my jewellery designs on:

Instagram: @_crystalcoven

Twitter: @_crystalcoven 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/crystalcoven

All crystals are naturally formed so will vary slightly in shape, size and colour.

To keep your jewellery in the best condition we suggest that you: 

-Remove jewellery while swimming, showering or bathing.

-Do not spray perfume directly onto your jewellery.

-Store jewellery away from direct sunlight.

If you have an questions send us a message via the contact page.